Why Do Some Resellers Make A Lot
Of Money Online & Others Don't?

They've figured out what works! Even McDonalds & Jolliebees has a tested and proven step by step process for everything. That's why they are so successful. Everybody is trained the same from the Manager down to the person that cleans. The key to success is repeating what works.

The Instant Online Clothing Boutique Reseller Program works exactly the same way. We have tested and proven steps that when followed achieve real sales and more buying customers.


We Can Show You Exactly How Easy It Is To Quickly Double Your Buying Customers & Sales


Resellers that do not make sales are obviously doing something wrong because there are NO SALES!  Repeating the same wrong process over and over again  hoping for a sale is foolish.

However, When you find a process or step by step procedure that works, that's when you continue to repeat the process. That's when you make sales over and over again.


increasesalesExperienced Facebook Resellers HATE
Adding & Removing Stocks Daily!

Experienced resellers know that you have to keep your posted inventory current. That means boring daily work. They know you have to have a lot of images to display (over 50 pieces minimum).

That's a lot of work and after awhile it becomes redundant, boring and very stressful. It takes a lot of your time and energy and THAT'S EXACTLY WHY THEY LOVE THE INSTANT ONLINE CLOTHING BOUTIQUE shopping cart!






The Instant Online Clothing Boutique & Facebook Together Is The Quickest, Easiest & Safest Solution Ever!

When you use Your Customized & Branded Shopping Cart & Your Facebook together, you will have the most powerful, Quickest, Easiest & Safest Solution To Selling Women's Fashion Clothing Online. Imagine making sales everyday from your real online fashion boutique!





  1. Latest Version Of OpenCart Customized Ecommerce System

  2. Completely Responsive for Mobile Devices (Google Loves It)

  3. New Drop Down Menu From Top

  4. Background Color & Image Customization Available

  5. Social Media Share Capability For Product Image
    With a single click share image directly to your FB page

  6. Larger Images In Product Page (Easier To View)

  7. Easier Checkout Process with Images To Help your Customers

  8. Custom Header/Slider

  9. Custom Text Box on Home Page for personal messages

  10. Over 2000 Products Available For Sale Instantly

  11. We Do All The Maintenance, Adding & Removal Of Sold Out Items


Branded Marketing Video

Included is a marketing / advertisement video with your logo, shopping cart address and hosted on YouTube. You can embed this video anywhere on the Internet you wish. This helps you develop additional traffic to your shopping cart.



Business Card Template Ready To Print

Receive A Business Card Template Branded With Your Logo, Website Address, Name and Phone Number Ready To Print.


Support On Facebook 7 Days A Week

Get Full Support From Our "Instant Fashion Business" Facebook Messenger. Need Help or Have a Question? Get real support 7 Days a Week, 8am to 10pm. Real Help When You Need It!


Setting Up Facebook For Your Shopping Cart

When You Decide To Sell Or Promote Your Business From Facebook, Making Sure You Look Like A Business, Act Like A Business and Operate Like A Business Is Critical. Building The Right First Impression & Building Trust All Starts With Your Facebook Page. We Will Show You Exactly What To Do & Why.



Lower Prices -No Minimum Order - Drop Shipping

Lynn's Fashion Store, The Owner & Operator of Instant Fashion Business Supports You 100%. We Want You To Deliver Your Products To Your Customers Quickly & Affordably. No Delays Because Of Minimum Pieces To Order, No Additional Delays Because We Can Ship Directly To Your Customer. If Your Customer Is Happy, They Will Come Back To You & Buy Over & Over Again.



filipinapowerRead What Our Reseller Members Have To Say...

"Mahal ko ang shopping cart at ang support department ay nakatutulong"
Weng - Cebu


"Yea! Wala ng copy-paste sa Facebook Ko Araw-Araw. Very helpful, GodBless"
Ma Theresa - Iloilo


"Mam Lynn is the best and she's so helpful"
Jenny - Cotabato


"Gustong-gusto ko ang no minimum orders and drop shipping, helps alot"
Grace - Manila


You Are a Bright, Beautiful & Sassy Filipina

The Most Powerful Online Instant Fashion Boutique Shopping Cart

There is nothing that you cannot do. You are a bright, beautiful and sassy Filipina and you should be proud to own a real online fashion clothing boutique.

You don't need a college education but you do need to be stubborn, you need to be motivated and you need to believe in yourself. We'll be there for you whenever you need help but you have to make the commitment to start. We'll support you all the way.

SO SIGN UP TODAY, Make your payment and we'll have your online clothing boutique and professional branded shopping cart with over 2000 items activated and ready to sell in 24 hours or less.


No Risk 24 Hour Guarantee!

Here is our promise to you. We promise to have your Instant Fashion Business Membership approved and your branded shopping cart activated, ready to sell over 2000 products within 24hours of verifying your IFB Membership Payment.

If we do not provide you everything as described above within the times specified, we will give you a full refund.

Your Branded Marketing Video, Branded Business Cart Template will be provided within 5 working days from day of approval notification.


A One Year Membership & All the Tools
& Services You Need To Succeed.




Once You Have Signed Up...

Step 1. Click the Pink Button Below to Choose Your Payment Options

Step 2. Make the Payment

Final Step. Click this link here "I Made A Payment" Fill up the form so we are notified that you made your payment.

Within 24 hours, your website will be active and ready to sell over 2000 items on your very own Instant Fashion Business Ecommerce System!

CONGRATULATIONS!  You are not just a reseller, You Are Our Partner, you are about to be a Successful Womens Fashion Clothing Online Boutique Owner!  Our process is 100% flexible, and you can fit this around your own schedule.

Follow the tested and proven steps we will give you. Be stubborn, be focused and do everything right from the beginning and it will all pay off.

pink1Things You Absolutely Need To Know...

what-do-i-gt1.   You get a real professional ecommerce system. (View Example Shopping Cart) It contains approximately 2000 items already posted in your shopping cart. Dresses, Mini Dresses, Maxi Dresses, Long Dresses, Prom Dresses, Party Dresses, Jumpsuits, Tops, Cardigans, Handbags & Shoes.

2.   Retail pricing & descriptions are already done for you.

3.   Custom professional Facebook Banners (Click To View Banners) with links directly to your shopping cart.

4.   Customized YouTube Marketing/Advertising Video For Your Business. You can do as much online or external marketing of your business as you wish.

5.   Customized Business Card Template ready to print.

6.   We offer private access to marketing pages that the public cannot view. We give you step by step instructions on how to increase your traffic and your sales. And daily Updates for your website. We do all the work for you. We save you so much time and energy.

7.   We add new items weekly. No need to copy images and paste to your Facebook account.

8.   We delete sold out items as often as necessary.

9.   We maintain your inventory for you. (Of course you can buy and create your own inventory if you wish)

10.  We do all the backend work for you so you can focus on building your customer base and making sales.

11.  We’ll even dropship for you. (See our dropship guidelines in Lynns Fashion Store)

12. The complete ecommerce system is hosted on a dedicated server (Not Shared) and has a 99.5% uptime and is hosted in the USA and is not likely to experience brown out issues.

The most frustrating thing that a reseller experiences is finding sellable items at a good wholesale price and most importantly, being able to rely on a reputable wholesale supplier.  Not to mention the hassle of copying and uploading your own images, descriptions and prices etc. With Our Remarkable “Instant Fashion Business” shopping cart, we take all those issues and throw them out the window for you. By using this “Instant Fashion Business” platform, YOU will have Saved So Much Time & Effort…

That All You Have To Do… Is fill Up the order and keep the profits!

theCatch1.   All items that are ordered through this shopping cart system must be purchased from (Lynns Fashion Wholesale Store).

2.   You cannot change or add items,or descriptions on your shopping cart at any time. The DEFAULT PROFIT MARGIN is 100 pesos.

3.   You do not have access to the admin area. (This is to avoid typical mistakes that can make your website look unprofessional and/or shut down by mistake)

4.   You are responsible for generating your own customers. But we do provide you with very cool, professional banners that you can place on your Facebook that can link directly to your Instant Fashion Business Shopping Cart.

nowwhat1.   Place the banner you have selected into your Facebook and Link It to Your IFB website.

1a.  LOGO: If your provide us your logo, the LOGO SIZE CAN BE NO LARGER THAN 290 pixels wide and 80 pixels in height and 72dpi, in a .png format or if you use a .gif or .jpg the background must be white.

2.   Start telling everyone you know friends, family, associates and even strangers that you have the best online fashion boutique in the Philippines and it has approximately 2000 items. Dresses, Mini Dresses, Maxi Dresses, Party Dresses, Prom Dresses, Jumpsuits, Cardigans, Handbags, Shoes and accessories.

3.   Invite them all to just pop by and visit your online boutique 24/7 at their convenience.

4.   You can even offer special discounts on the prices in your shopping cart (But it must be posted in your facebook account and not your shopping cart)

5.   When a customer sees something they like, they simply add the item to the shoppng cart. When they are finished, they follow the friendly and easy instruction to either register or checkout as a guest.

6.   You will receive a professional order notification in your email address you provided us. And the customer gets a copy automatically also, just like the one you get.

7.   At that time you can contact Lynns Fashion Store (Wholesale Department Sales Staff) and verify that the items are available. There is no minimum order and we drop ship.

8.   We will verify that the items are available and send you back a confirmation. You then contact your customer and advise items are in stock and available and to make a payment to you.

9.   Once you receive real payment from your customer, you pay us immediately and notify us of how payment was made.

10.  We verify payment and ship item to you either same day or next depending on time of day.You then either do a meetup or send the item(s) to your customer and your done.

11.  You keep the profit!

PAY1.   How much do I have to pay you for your items? All items are sold to you at “Wholesale Price” and there is no minimum order. You can order just one item if you wish.

2.   All items have a default 100 peso markup built into the retail price of each item in your IFB website shopping cart. This is a reasonable markup and profit margin that we’ve seen across the Philippine retail industry for non-branded items.

3.   Change Your Profit Margin? You cannot change pricing and/or profit margins. If you want to give a discount to your customer, post the info on your Facebook page.

4.   HOW DO YOU GET PAID?   You control the money flow, we do not! The customer pays you your retail price, you pay us the Wholesale Price, You Keep The Difference. (That’s your profit margin) This is exactly how most online startup/entrepreneurs operate.

However, some actually buy inventory first before posting on their websites but many resellers simply don’t have that kind of money to keep tied up in inventory.

yahooAlertYahoo via a inside informer advised that they were hacked big time last year and everything was stolen from personal information, access codes to credit card info etc.

There response was to increase their security causing a lot of issues with shopping cart systems etc. Personally I don’t blame them but unfortunately it has made it difficult for our system as well.

We found that help from Yahoo was non existent so we took the same path as many other online sellers and now request our clients to use Gmail as the primary email address for contact information.

If you provide us a Yahoo email address we will simply request a Gmail account as we can no longer accept Yahoo addresses. Thanks for understanding!