Shipping Out Of The Philippines? +

You must order a minimum of 50 pcs for us to ship out of country and you must shoulder the shipping costs. Once we deliver to the shipping company and obtain a receipt and tracking number we are no longer responsible for loss or damages incurred by the courier.

This makes it especially difficult for IFB resellers in other countries because it takes much longer for items to be delivered overseas, import and export regulations are becoming more and more strict for all countries. So If you are in another country please consider the challenges you may have to overcome first before signing up.

Although the Dutuerte administration is trying hard to fix the issues of corruption etc. We will let you know once things start to change. Lets be hopeful for this.

I I only see 130 pictures posted on my website, what happened to the 2000 items you talk about? +

As a wholesale supplier with hundreds of resellers we must have plenty of products available. So think in terms of this.

If you are selling on your facebook and you have just 5 different styles of dresses to sell but you have 3 different colors each and you have 3 pieces of each color thats a total of 45 pieces.

Are you going to tell your customers you have just 5 dresses available or 45 dresses available?

We say we have over 2000 items available, however, in reality sometimes we have on hand as much as 30,000 but it fluctuates daily.

Why if you have 30,000 items do I make an order and its not in stock? +

We have many resellers, and its no different than a large department store. You see what you want today, then go back tomorrow to buy and its gone. Our sales are on a first pay, first deliver scenario.. Popular items go faster than others… So it’s important for you to bring as many customers to your site as often as you can.

Always remember to be a smart online retailor. If a customers orders and the item turns out to be out of stock, Don't just say Wala, out of stocks. Say, "Oh that was one of our most popular items and it just sold out, you just missed it. I can let you know when we get it back in stock or if you have another color or similiar item, we can help you with that one."

It's all about making the customer feel as good as possible even when they are disappointed.

Can I add a logo? +

Yes of course you can, simply send it to us via email or our Instant Fashion Business Messenger and we’ll be happy to add it to your website. If for any reason you do not have a logo, we can make one for you at no charge with one revision only. Simply tell us your two favorite colors.

Can I change the color of my website background? +

The new IFB shopping cart does allow us to do that. However, statistics tell us that white backgrounds have a tendancy to sell higher rates than colored backgrounds. We recommend if you do want a color in your background that you keep it light and not go with dark, as we will not change the font colors, just the background color only.

Why Do I Need A Gmail Address? +

Here in the Philippines, Yahoo was and still is very popular. Unfortunately they (Yahoo) was  hacked several times in the past couple of years and it's become a serious problem.

Their authorization algorythims are so tight now, that they are causing a lot of issues with classified ads and ecommerce systems throughout the world.

So we found that a better alternative is Gmail as they are not having those problems and that’s why we recommend them. Even Olx recommends them as well.


As you know you have to make sure that you provide us a GMAIL ADDRESS for your IFB Shopping Cart... Please be sure if you create a new one that you give us the CORRECT Gmail Address. Be sure to Record Your New Gmail Password so you don't forget it. Because when we activate your IFB Shopping Cart, we will send the Activation Notice to your Gmail Address.

If you cannot find it in the Inbox, look in your Spam box as well. Finally if you are concerned that the website is not done and you are approaching your 24 hours (thats one full day and night) that you need to contact the SUPPORT DEPARTMENT on Facebook at  Facebook Account (Instant Fashion Business)

Support Manager
Tech & Marketing Dept
Direct IFB Facebook Link:

Do I have to sign up and pay to be a reseller? +

No you are not forced to pay us anything. If you want to be a reseller and just use your Facebook or other website, that’s fine but you DO HAVE TO REGISTER, just copy and paste our products into your website and you still have to follow our terms and conditions.

If you want the easiest, safest and most effective reseller program then we do have the Instant Fashion Business Shopping Cart / Membership for you. Register and pay the yearly fee and you can get your Online Clothing Boutique Shopping Cart in 24 hours or less. It's super cool and just Fab!

Why is there a delay between seeing the new products on your wholesale website and my Instant Fashion Business website? +

All products are manually loaded into our wholesale website. Then once the products are loaded there we then manually load the products into the Instant Fashion Business Website as well.. Depending on the time of day figure a couple of hours to a day in delay for adding products to your website.

OUR I.T. Dept is located in Negros Oriental and once in awhile, we have rolling brownouts depending on Norelco’s rotating Outage schedule.  There is absolutely nothing we can do when they turn off our power for a day or our area is turned off for power. We do use generators but that is not a guarantee that our Internet will work for updates.

If you can add products any faster, please let us know how and we’ll be forever grateful. So don’t get upset because your customers are not aware of the new postings on our wholesale website.

Did you know that large retail stores have there products in their distribution centers as much as a week before they are shipped to their retail outlets? So brief patience is the key..

Disclaimer: We Do Not Guarantee Instant Updates At Any Time & Are Not Responsible For A Lost Sale Do To Your Site Not Being Updated Immediately.

2017 Update: We are currently preparing to update our wholesale shopping cart and are looking at an automated update system so when we update the wholesale website, your IFB shopping carts will follow shortly. We'll advise when that becomes active.

Be Sure To Do A Refresh To Make Sure You See The Latest Loads…

Drop Shipping, If my customer makes an order can you just drop ship directly to them? +

YES! we now offer drop shipping services but be sure to read our drop shipping procedures.

This is such a cool service that lets you save a lot of time and reduces your handling of the ordered products. We can ship directly to your customer in your name, but the shipping fee is the same as if we were shipping to you... the fee is based on where they are located.

The Payment Options on my IFB website gives no option? +

That's correct, we do not allow live payments to be made online through the shopping cart

In the Philippines most buyers do not use credit or atm cards to buy online… they prefer to us Smart Money, MLuillier, LBC,  Bank Transfers, Meetups etc., So once you get the order from your customer, verify items are available and if they are, then you send a confirmation to your customer and ask for a payment.

Usually the customer will tell you how they prefer to pay and you can say ok or make a change… All this is done with you communicating directly to your very own customers.

I compared the copy of reseller and customer order, I observed that in the customer copy, shipment fee is not indicated. +

That’s because shipping rates are different in every city or province so you have to advise your customer what the shipping rate will be from your area… a good place to put the rates are either in the welcome message at the top of your website or in the signature area of your emails when you communicate with your customers.


If there will be a discrepancy in the price and it happens that the price is lower or you missed to edit the price what will happen? +

We are human and all updates are done manually so if you spot a discrepancy, help us help you and let us know right away so we can fix it. Lynn's Fashion Store, Instant Fashion Business, it's staff and/or employees are not liable for any pricing mistakes made by our staff. It may not sound appropriate but part of your responsibility is to make sure the pricing is correct. We do our best but again, even if we do put a wrong price in such as the wholesale price, you will at the very worst, break even but you won't lose any money other than the intended profit.

Our intent to to help you become as profitable as possible so consider us your partner in business. Everytime we upload, just do your own verification of product prices. Our best resellers do that as a normal procedure.

Whats the best amount to mark up and how soon can I expect it to be done? +

Markups are your choice when it’s regarding being a Facebook Reseller, but I recommend you make it a little higher and offer discounts when you communicate with your customer. Everyone likes discounts. The markup fee must be made first, verified and then the markups will be done on the next stocks addition to the website.

If you are a INSTANT FASHION BUSINESS RESELLER:  We have a default increase of 100 Pesos above our wholesale price. If you wish to offer your items for less, then give them a discount at time of them paying you.

Most of our top resellers don't offer discounts at all... We have a new ebook coming out soon and will talk about how they get their customers to buy full price and so much more. So how cool is that?

Why do I need to have full contact information? It’s just an online store. +

I don’t know about you but these days consumers/customers are more cautious than ever. If they check your contact information and you only have an email or a phone, they may not conduct business with you. They want to know you are a real business and they also feel better knowing where you are located. It’s all about trust and if you don’t post your full contact information, you could lose a potential customer forever as they won’t come back, after all why should they?

I have an (‘) apostrophe in my name, why can’t I use it in the title of the website.. +

When we use an apostrophe, All browsers and search engines are not programmed the same and they read an apostrophe differently which causes different kind of behaviours, some not so good. This is annoying not only to you but to us as well.  So that’s why we cannot put an apostrophe in your business name.

behaviour of various search engines


Do to an increase in business name changes, our hosting service has informed us they will charge us a fee to make those name changes. When you sign up for our Instant Fashion Business Membership, you receive a shopping cart, a customized video, business card template and often a logo. PLEASE BE SURE THE NAME YOU INITIALLY GIVE US is correct.

Lately too many resellers are changing their minds about their business name after we have already created the hosting server account, the URL address of your shopping cart and all the additional features promised. When you change your name you duplicate our efforts and we simply cannot afford to re-create those things at no cost.

THERE WILL BE A Php 450 pesos renaming fee and the fee must be received before the changes can be made.

Why Should I Sign Up For Your Instant Fashion Business Membership? +

Although we think this is the best available service for selling products online. It's really your choice to decide whether it's right for you or not.

When you think that by signing up for the IFB membership and online boutique, we literally save you thousands of hours of work over a years time.. We do most of the work for you freeing your time up to focus on inviting people to your shopping cart and fulfilling orders.

Again we think its a great opportunity for you. Why? Because our resellers are telling us everyday how happy they are with this system. We've dedicated thousands of hours building the IFB membership system, the shopping cart, upgrading it, developing the support materials and training services along with a fabulous support system.

You simply cannot get anything like us in the Philippines. So it's your choice. We hope to be your business partner and want you to know that Lynns Fashion Store is always there for you.

So go ahead and sign up today!


Our main CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS OUR SALES STAFF: they handle all of the inquiries regarding products, sizes, materials, colors, availablilities, Verification of product orders and shipping.

our secondary CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS OUR INSTANT FASHION BUSINESS SUPPORT STAFF: They handle all inquiries regarding the IFB Shopping Cart, How To Get Started whether it's a Free Facebook Reseller or the IFB membership and how to get started. We handle all of the graphics, banners, marketing including the business card templates, the custom videos and of course create your shopping cart and logo etc.

YOU CAN CONTACT US AT: "Instant Fashion Business" on FACEBOOK and use the Messenger please. We like to always have a written record of our conversations with our resellers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We at the IFB Support Department Do not accept PHONE CALLS. It is critical that we have written communications so that any member of our support staff can bring themselves current with an ongoing issue and recording phone calls is not practical.

Although some members of our support staff speak Tagalog, we mainly speak Visaya and everyone speaks English. WE ASK that you communicate to us in English if possible as that is the official Business Language of the Philippines. Thank You!

What's the difference between IFB (Instant Fashion Business) Member and Free Facebook Reseller? +

A Free Facebook Reseller Member is simply a person that wishes to use their own Facebook Account to sell products online. If you use our products to copy paste, that’s fine and we welcome you, but we need to keep track of our resellers for statistical purposes and YOU MUST REGISTER or we may block you from access to our websites. We know that many that sign up fail quickly even when we give them all the tools and support they would need to become successful.

An IFB (Instant Fashion Business) Reseller Member is what we call our A-Team of Resellers. They pay a yearly fee and receive many benefits, tools and support. You get a branded shopping cart that we maintain for you so you can focus on driving customers to your shopping cart that has over 2000 items pre-loaded (See Above, What is an IFB Instant Fashion Business Question and Answer) Our top resellers use this particular selling platform in conjunction with their Facebook for optimal Sales.

I Just Paid for the IFB membership, What do I do next? +

After you have paid, be sure that you have:

  1. Filled Up the "I made a payment form" and submit it so we know you made a payment.
  2. Be sure to send us a copy of your payment transaction receipt. This helps us verify payment faster for you.
  3. Be sure to either send us your logo or give us two colors so we can make a logo for you.
  4. Be sure you provided us a Gmail address so we can activate your shopping cart
  5. Be sure that the Business name is FINAL as there is a cost to make a business name change if we've already created your domain name and shopping cart.
  6. FINALLY, We know you are excited to get started but slow down, read and follow all of the instructions that you will get in your activation email in Gmail. Good Luck!