Why Should You Use Lynn’s Fashion Store
as Your Direct Wholesale Supplier?

Why Should You Use Lynn’s Fashion Store
as Your Direct Wholesale Supplier?

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Hi everyone, I want to thank you for being here on time. My name is Robert and I’ve been asked by Lynn to  speak for her today.

It looks like we already have 231 people present online so lets go ahead and get started.  Just for information, we will be having this English version translated into a Tagalog version and will post it and we will notify everyone my email when it is ready.. We will not accept questions during the seminar or presentation simply because we don’t have enough time alloted for this seminar. But we will post your questions later with the answers online and again we’ll send you all a email notification to that effect probably tomorrow.

So get a favorite drink,  sit back, relax and enjoy the presentation.

So lets go ahead and get started. ah! our last spot has just been logged in, hi Gayle,  We are now full at 250 which was our maximum for this online seminar… That’s good to see.

Ok So here we go....

Why So Many Fail Selling On Facebook

facebooklogoDid you know that 80% of all product resellers using Facebook fail within 60 days. They don’t make any sales, they get discouraged, they don’t know why they’re not making any sales and they don’t know how or what to do to get real sales. So they quit!

We found that it’s a lot easier to sell when you have a lot of items on your Facebook, but most resellers only put a few items, less than 20  on average to sell on their Facebook. The main reason is that the reseller does not want to work too hard. It takes time and effort and the work of copying the image, pasting it into their Facebook and creating a description for each item, and pricing each item is boring. It’s really not fun to do that. So after about 20 pieces are posted, the reseller wants to stop because they are either bored or tired. We know this because we've surveyed over 200 of our Facebook resellers, Those Facebook resellers quit and according to them it was too much work and they did not expect it would require so much effort.

Understand that this is not a job working for someone else, it is YOUR BUSINESS. You are the owner, the operator, the tech person, the data input person, the sales person, the buyer, the seller and everything else you can think of.

Another problem that we see a lot is that most Facebooks have been used to collect interested friends, Any kind of friends so if a young woman say under the age of 30 has maxed out her friends say 5000 on Facebook. You would think that that is good.

The problem is that as a young woman having 4000 men friends was kind of cool and a bragging point to say look how many guys like me. But the downside is that they are not buyers of womens clothing. So you either use your Facebook as a friend maker or a business money maker. Making the transition from friend maker to business money maker requires you to change the way you think about your Facebook and how you use it.

Of course! You should keep your real friends and family, but those other 3000 or 4000 men that you never talk to, well they should be removed and replaced with more women friends that could be BUYERS of your fashion clothing products.

So again, having only 20 items on your Facebook will simply not earn you an income. Even small boutiques have hundreds of items to choose from. Larger department stores have thousands of items to choose from. The more items you have to choose the higher the chance of you making sales every day. So why does a reseller think that having just 20 items posted will make them money. It won’t and that’s why many many resellers fail and quit right away.

These are just two reasons why it is so important to understand “How To Sell On Facebook”. And there is so much more you need to know to be truly successful.

If you have no experience at all or want to learn how to increase your sales or simply want to start an online business correctly the first time with a better chance to succeed, then you should let us help you do exactly that which brings us to the real purpose of this seminar.


lfsWe are not a regular Wholesale Supplier, We are much more than that. We actually help and train our resellers to be successful! Why would we do that? Because if we help you become successful, then you will buy more product from us and help us grow as well. If you fail and quit, we lose an opportunity to grow as well. So we’re no different than you are… we want to grow our business just like you.

In reality we’re just like partners. But with us being the Direct Wholesale Supplier, we have an obligation a responsibility to help you be the best online seller you can be.

Other wholesale suppliers cannot help you in the same way we do. Of course they just want to sell their items as well. They’ll give you big smiles, pat you on the back and say please come back. The real difference is our capability to help you when you need or want help. You simply get more value when you do business with us.

Benefits Using Lynns Fashion Store As Your Wholesale Direct Supplier

So Why Should You Do Business With Us? What Do We Do that other wholesalers won’t or cannot do for you? That’s the real question.

  1. Customer Satisfaction: We can help you have a higher customer satisfaction rating because the more satisfied your customers are with you, the more sales you will make.
  2. New Stocks Weekly: We provide new products weekly and sometimes twice a week. So you always have something fresh to show your customers. A customer that knows they can look at your website every week and see something new makes them happy and a repeat buyer.
  3. No Minimum Orders: We don’t have a minimum quantity to order. so you can sell, buy and ship quickly even if it’s just one item.
  4. Drop Shipping OK: We even drop ship for you which means we will send the item directly to your customer for you in your name so you don’t even have to handle the item. This saves you time, money and effort on your part and yes even for one item also.

toohardSo …When It comes to SELLING ON FACEBOOK, The only thing you have to do, is do all the Facebook work.

You have to copy and paste items, write up descriptions and pricing, create your own sales forms and keep your Facebook items current and that means you have to check your suppliers website daily to make sure your items are current and not sold out. And if they are, remove them from your Facebook and replace them with new items.

Does that sound like a lot of work? Well yes, of course it is, but it’s a business, it’s your Facebook business and you won’t make any money unless you do the work.


Instant-Fashion-Business-Reseller-ToolsWell we have the PERFECT SOLUTION for you. It’s called the “INSTANT FASHION BUSINESS RESELLER PROGRAM”
It’s owned and operated by us, Lynns Fashion Store.

It’s perfect for fulltime, parttime and sideline businesses. We do all the work for you. So you don't have to do hardly anything at all. It's true! Here’s what we do for you.

  1. Professional Website: We provide you with a pre-populated professional website with over 2000 items. Items mostly for women but some for men and kids.
  2. Branded: The website can be branded with your logo and contact information,
  3. New Stocks Weekly: We add new stocks weekly for you and remove all sold out items daily for you.
  4. Ecommerce System: It’s a professional shopping cart so it’s easy for your customers to order and both your customer and you get an instant copy of the order in your emails as soon as your customer submits their order.
  5. Facebook Support: Your Facebook links directly to your Instant Fashion Business Website so you can sell to all your Facebook friends.
  6. Marketing Videos Provided: We provide you with a personalized marketing / advertising video that can be placed on your Facebook that tells people to visit your InstantFashionBusiness website. You can even embed this video on any other website you may have or in classified ads if they allow it and of course it’s also hosted on the largest search engine in the world… YouTube.
  7. Business Cards: We Provide you a business card template and explain why you need and how to use them to bring more customers to your website. Business cards even in the digital age are more powerful than you think.
  8. Secure Online Training Provided: We provide a online password protected training page to not only show you how to market and advertise for free and at low cost but actually show you what your ads should look like. IT has many marketing schemes that you should follow that can help you increase your sales. We don't just give you an Idea, we tell you why and how to do it so you can increase your sales.
  9. Professional Support: We have a very sophisticated I.T. & Marketing department that will help you with any concerns, questions and/or help you get started. They have over 20 years of offline and online sales marketing experience. And they are just waiting to help you.
  10. Ranking Support: Do you want to know how to rank on the first page of Google or Yahoo? Just ask. Want to learn how to advertise for real on Facebook? Just ask. Want to know what really works on Olx? Just ask.
  11. Customer Service: Need help following up on an order or need to know if a certain item is still available? Our Sales Customer Service Staff is always there to help you.
  12. Best Communications Ever: We have email, Facebook Chat and messaging, We have a landline, cellphones, and we use Viber and WeChat so there is never an excuse that you cannot connect with us.
  13. Payment Options: We have a lot of payment options for your convenience. From Bank Transfers to Illulier, LBC, Gcash, Smart Money, Paypal and many more. We make it easy for you to conduct business with Lynns Fashion Store.

Can you imagine how expensive having a I.T. Department and Marketing Department with qualified staff costs? We spend over 1 million pesos a year in professional in-house support for Customer Service, I.T. Tech, Marketing and Advertising Staff.

So if you don’t have your own I.T. and marketing staff, use ours… That’s what we’re here for is to assist you to be a better and more successful reseller.

is our PRICING!

Question: I can buy the exact same item from another wholesaler for 10 pesos less or more.
Answer: That’s true, But our question back to you is …

Do they offer Drop Shipping? We have yet to find a real direct wholesaler that will drop ship.
Do They offer No Minimum purchases. Some might but most don't.
Do they offer a reseller program like our Instant Fashion Business? Of course not.
Do they offer the help of a professional I.T. Tech, Marketing and Advertsing staff? Of course not.
Do they help or even offer to help you generate more customers and more sales? Of course not.

How much is it worth to you to have a partner that can help you generate more customers and more sales every year? I'd say that is way more important than getting a 10 pesos discount on an item, wouldn't you?

We can teach you how to attract and keep your customers from buying elsewhere. We're going to help you become successful and you don't have to figure it out on your own. We're going to hold you hand for as long as you want us to help you.

Franchises sell their business plans for thousands and hundreds of thousands of pesos and sometimes require a percentage of your business or a yearly fee of thousands of pesos.

White Labeling: We offer you a “White Label” business of your own. White Label means you can brand it in your own name, use you own logo and if you don't have one, we'll create one for you. You get the same business opportunity online as a franchise would offer and the same support a franchise would offer but without the franchise heavy handed contract and the big expense they require.

Low Cost Signup: We offer our Instant Fashion Business at a fraction of what it’s truly worth. Other wholesalers want to charge you a membership fee but not give you anything in return for it other than the so called privilege of doing business with them.

True Value: We give you true value, we give you modern tools, training and great support that they simply cannot offer.

You Can Be Successful: We started as a home based business back in 2008. Today in 2015 we’ve gone from operating an online business from our home to owning two retail boutiques to becoming the most popular Direct Wholesale Supplier of our type of products in just 7 years.

God has blessed us and we have employed every member of our family from Lola, two brothers, three sisters, there spouses and are putting three of our nieces and nephews through college to eventually work in our business when they graduate. We come from a very humble province in Central Visayas. Lynn has provided for her family in the same way that we know you can provide for your family but you have to have focus.

You have to commit and you can never ever listen to anyone that says it’s too hard or you cannot do it, because we know you can, because we too were where you are today. Our extended family told Lynn she would fail, that it could not be done that she would quit when it got hard. This was her dream and today she supports the very same people in her family that told her she would not do well.

Sales build our business, our business builds our life, our life is as only as good as the bills we can pay. If you are having a hard time paying rent, paying for food or milk for the baby or can’t buy the clothes you want or don’t have enough money or are having a hard time paying for your kids schooling, books and clothes and realize that you cannot live on Love alone. Then it’s time to pay 1,500 pesos to start your Instant Fashion Business TODAY.

If you don’t have 1,500 pesos then borrow it. I'm not saying that to be forceful or rude, I'm saying it because it's important to get started.  If you sell just 4 items per week you will be able to pay that money back in 4 week and chances are you will make a lot more than that.

Our last reseller that borrowed 1500 from her parents paid it back in the first week. She sold 24 items in her first week and made 2,400 pesos, her profit after paying back her parents was 900 pesos for the first week.

Annalyn ended up making a total of 73 sales her first month. That’s 7,300 pesos. That was 6 months ago, today she informed us that her dream of having a small boutique has changed. She says she would rather not have a boutique now but concentrate on bringing more people to her IFB website. She says “Less Cost, More Profit is better than big rent and expenses” and I agree with her. Last month Annalyn made over 100,000 pesos in sales.

Annalyn just realized her dream has come true. She no longer needs a man in her life to provide for her and her kids. She now knows she can provide that herself. She helps her family also and her parents are very proud of her.

She says life is much easier now and that she is going to select what man she wants in her life and not what man will allow her to be in his life. Now, Annalyn is a Success in more ways than one.

Isn’t it time for you to turn your life around?

We had our first online seminar last month and the two most asked question were… How do I get started and how many resellers do you already have?

First, simply go to www.InstantFashionBusiness.com  and fill up the form on the home page and follow the instructions and you'll be in business likely the next day.

The question about how many resellers do we have, I would rather tell you that there are over 108 Million Filipinos in the Philippines and almost 50% of them are female and the avg age is 23.4 years old according to worldometers.info. And guess what they all use Facebook. So no matter how successful you become you will likely not even be considered competition with your fellow resellers.

So again, Simply visit our webstie at www.InstantFashionBusiness.com and fillup of the quick form. Pay the 1,500 pesos yearly fee using one of our many payment options, let us know how you made the payment so we can verify it and within 24 hours we’ll have your website up and running ready to sell to your Facebook friends and family.

Once the website is activated we will give you a set of instruction of what to do next and start promoting your website that has over 2000 items to select from and new items are added every week for you… That is how you make sales, that is how you become successful and that  is the exact reason why you should sign up today!

So start making money this week and never ever look back!

Ok all, I've over extended on our alloted time, I’m getting a lot of messages coming in so I will post all of the questions and the answers online tomorrow for you and send out a email blast to everyone so you all can see them as well.

If you want to talk directly with Lynn the owner all of her contact information is on her website at www.LynnsFashionStore.com

I want to personally thank everyone for sticking with me for the full length of the seminar, all 250 slots were full for the whole time and that’s a good sign so thank you and we’ll announce our next online seminar shortly and as I understand, it will be specifically on how to generate more traffic to your new website.

Thanks all and Good Night!

We've Posted All Of The Questions & Answers From The Webinar Below:

Do you really Drop Ship and the customer thinks its from me your reseller? +

Yes, We really do drop ship for you to your customer. We send the item to your customer with a label with your business name on it. So they don't know that we, your supplier sent it to them for you.

How long have you been in business? Are you legitimate? +

We've been in business since 2008 officially online. Our Legal Business Name is Lynns Fashion Boutique. It's registered with BIR & DTI as a "National Business Name" and not just a local city business name.

Will I really make money with your Instant Fashion Business Reseller Program? +

To be honest, yes if you follow our instructions and procedures.  Most of the resellers that quit, did not follow all the instructions that we gave them, they did not actively work on bringing customers to their Facebook and Instant Fashion Business Website and simply did not want to do the work. So it's entirely up to you whether you make money or not. We give you all the tools, the training and support but we cannot force you to follow instructions. We are simply not responsible if you make no sales. Your income that you make is based entirely on your own efforts.

I don't have Php 1500 pesos, can I make payments? +

Unfortunately no payment plan is available. We have found many years ago that those that are successful resellers actually try harder because they have invested money into the program. Those that do payments or ask for free things, have nothing or very little invested and have a tendency to quit sooner  when they run into an obstacle or think it's harder than they thought. It's easier to quit when you have nothing to lose, if you have money invested it's harder to quit.

Do you really do all the updating of new stocks and remove all the items when sold out? How do you do that if you have lots of resellers? +

Yes we do. We have a special customized ecommerce system that lets us add or delete items and it deteles them is all of the websites at one time. It doesn't matter if its a add or a delete, we always do the wholesale website first that's ours, Lynns Fashion Store, then we update all the Instant Fashion Business websites next. If we do deletes on the wholesale late at night we may wait until the next day to do the IFB websites.  Adding products always takes longer because we have to create a page for every new item and our typical adding of say 20 new albums may take as long as 2 hours just to add. And that's only if the Internet is working normal. If there is a brown out, a storm, a problem with the Internet it may take longer. Remember this is the Philippines, even though everything is hosted online in the USA for better reliability and security.

Can I try the program out first before I buy? +

Unfortunately we do not give you a free trial period because most will not do what is necessary and follow instructions as they have no investment made.

Do you pay me commissions? +

No we never take money from your customers. They buy from your branded website, they pay you first, then you pay us the wholesale price and you keep the profit in your pocket. You sell 10 items today and you make a profit of 1000 pesos today.

Who pays for shipping? +

The customer should always shoulder the shipping cost. That's standard. We as your direct wholesale supplier can offer free shipping if you buy in big quantities.

Do you have any hiddent fees I don't know about? +

No we have no hidden fees. We are very transparent about our fees for other services. If we do charge for something it's always posted on our website.

It all sounds really good but I'm scared and really nervous about this. +

It's ok to be nervous, after all there is nothing like this in the Philippines at all for the clothing industry. We're the first and proud of it. When Lynn first started she was scared also. She wanted to buy stocks directly from Bangkok online and she said "What if I pay and they don't send the stocks?" Then it's a lesson learned to not deal with that supplier.

There will always be a risk in any business startup, but we have tried so hard to be super transparent. We are everywhere on the Internet and have a very good reputation except other wholesalers don't like us because their resellers come to us sometimes.

I don't understand the video marketing thing? +

It's easy, everyone loves to watch videos. So we create a customized video with a professional girls voice that talks about visiting your website. The video shows your website address, your logo slides in on the side of the video and it shows a picture of lots of stocks to choose from.  Your video is hosted on YouTube the largest search engine in the World! So not only can you get view from there but you can post your video on your Facebook to let all your friends and family know you have over 2000 Items to sell immediately. Perfect for any occasion, remember we drop ship for you if you want and there are lots of ways to promote your website so you can make sales right away. Just follow our training info and instructions.

How do I get started? +

That's easy, just go to our home page on Instant Fashion Business and fill up the form and follow the instructions. Make your payment using one of our payment options, let us know you made the payment, let us verify the payment and with 24 hours we'll have your website up and running.  It's not hard at all... Once the website is up, we'll keep in contact with you and hold your hand until you feel comfortable in generating new customers and sales. After all your our partner once you signup!