Terms and Condtions 2018

CONGRATULATIONS! You're about to become a successful womens online fashion clothing boutique business owner!

1 TIME YEARLY FEE: P1,500 yearly fee is required to maintain your shopping cart for a full year.

  1. There are no additional or hidden fees required. However, there may be additional services that we offer that will be fee based but will always be an option for you to either use or not.
  2. **IMPORTANT**  ALL RESELLERS MUST stick to the proper Reseller Guide Lines for Lynns Fashion Store…

Expectations and Use of the
Quick Start Reseller Website:


The Quick Start Reselller Membership is exactly that, a paid authorized reseller program exclusive to Lynn’s Fashion Store / Boutique a Direct Wholesale Supplier.

LFS (Lynns Fashion Store) tech department adds new stocks weekly to all websites and removes sold out items daily. We provide business card templates, marketing videos, banners, online training and so much more. The total value is much more than a single fee of Php 1500 pesos.

The agreed upon fee for said website and services is Php 1,500 pesos per year however we reserve the right to change the price without notice. Approximately 30 days prior to expiration of the yearly fee, if there has been an increase or decrease in fees we will notify the reseller so he/she can determine if they wish to pay the changed fee if any.

Note: Any good standing reseller that is actively using the website as expected WILL NOT be required to pay a newer larger yearly fee when it comes time to have your yearly renewal. We will simply honor the original yearly fee you started with.


Instant Fashion Business works best with/in conjunction with Facebook.

Because you are using your own Facebook account and is your page you can sell anything, any item you choose. We have no restrictions of you using your own Facebook what-so-ever!

With that said, Because the Quick Start Reseller shopping cart is provided to you, it is a very powerful tool enhancement for your Facebook, however, we are unable to add your additional items to the Quick Start Reseller shopping cart.

Violation of Expectations and Intended Use:

Any reseller, wholesaler or any person representing themselves as a reseller of Lynns Fashion Store and their products and has paid the yearly fee, that misleads Lynn’s Fashion Store and simply uses the website as a platform to receive orders yet does not order from Lynn’s Fashion Store and obtains the same items from other sources is in violation of our Expectations and Intended Use in our Terms and Conditions.

Violation may result in forfeit of the full yearly fee, the website, marketing videos and loss of access to the training. LFS (Lynn’s Fashion Store) reserves the right to disconnect, alter, re-customize and/or re-sell to another reseller.

The url (website address is a sub-domain of the parent domain, “ezystore.net” therefore the subdomain is exclusively owned by Lynns Fashion Store/Boutique and the URL may be removed.

As long as the website is being used as intended, there is no foundation to disconnect or alter in any way the information of said website.

Lynn’s Fashion Store reserves the right to refuse any person for any reason at any time.

Inactivity of 90 - 120 days will result in the website being deactivated to save bandwidth and server space. If someone is inactive for 3 to 4 months, this is simply an indication that the reseller is no longer interested in the service. If for any reason you have a legitimate reason like being ill or injured and unable to monitor and actively accomodate buyers visiting the website, please contact us or we will assume you have abandoned the service.

By reading all of the above information in the Terms & Conditions, Frequently Asked Questions and Operations Procedures, your agreement to the above is assumed if you pay the yearly fee of P1,500 pesos payment to start your online business.

Remember all you have to do is really take this as a serious business venture. Do your marketing and Facebook diligently and you will likely become successful and enjoy the true benefits of being your own boss and becoming financially successful and responsible. So get started now by visiting Instant Fashion Business website now!

Lynns Fashion Store and It's owner and staff are not responsible for your inaction leading to no orders or sales. You are responsible to develop your own customers and are responsible exclusively for your own results.

Best Wishes To All!