round1Reseller Membership Comparison Chart 2016

We Have Something for Everyone, Free Or Paid Memberships, You Decide!

Free Standard Facebook Reseller Membership

Basically what this program is, is that it's your Facebook account. You simply have to register and be approved before you can copy our product images to paste into your FB posts.  HOWEVER, we do offer a limited amount of free Facebook banners that will make your pages look more professional as well as you have access to our TECH & MARKETING SUPPORT DEPARTMENT!

This is a big benefit as we can help you get started, help you setup your Facebook properly so you are not confusing your FB friends and customers and help you learn how to increase sales and new customers. We have a tested and proven step by step guide and process. However, it's up to you to do the work!


Explanation Of Services & Features For The Comparison Chart Above!

It's just like having a professional, Tech, Advertising & Marketing Staff
available for your business.

What Is IFB? +

IFB (Instant Fashion Business) is our founding "Fee Based" reseller program since 2012.
IFB is owned exclusively by Lynns Fashion Store. If you want us to do all the work for you. This is the program for you.

Shopping Cart 2000 + Items +

As an IFB (Instant Fashion Business) Business or Exclusive Reseller Member, you will get a professional shopping cart branded with your logo. This cart only accepts orders and does not accept payments online. It's a order, verify products, pay for products and ship products process.

Full Website Maintenance +

Full website maintenance means we do all of the work for you. We add new stocks to your shopping cart 3 times a week. We remove all sold out stocks daily. This eliminates the tedious work you would normally have to do. We found out most resellers that use Facebook only would get bored and/or tired of copy/paste new items to their Facebook every day. They hated updating their Facebook page daily and trying to keep up with sold out stocks and adding new to their Facebook was much harder than they expected. So We DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU so you can concentrate on generating sales and we actually teach you how to do that as well.

Additional Information Pages +

Additonal information pages are simply "Extra Pages" we can add to your personalized shopping cart so you can tell your customers everything about you, special discounted sales, extra payment options etc. You have limit of 5 extra pages you can add.

Welcome Text Box +

Welcome Text Box and be used as a instant view of Information you want the customer to know. It is usually located above the header slider.

Branded Logo Design +

Branded Logo Designs means that if you do not have a logo of your own when you sign up for the IFB Reseller Program Membership, we will create a professional logo for you. We will give you one revision opportunity. Please provide us 2 colors to use with your logo.

Facebook Page Evaluation +

We can provide you with a very eye opening Facebook evaluation to give you an idea if your Facebook page is "Sales Friendly".  You will be surprised at what you did not know about your Facebook page.

Business Card Template +

We create a professional "Ready To Print"  business card template with logo and contact information. All you have to do is take the template to the printers and have as many cards printed as you wish, over and over.  A proper, professional business card is more important these days than you may realize, even in this day of the Internet.

Standard Branded Marketing Video +

Our Standard Customized Marketing Video is a nice, to the point, with logo, website address and city location of your business that can has a professional young womans audio voiceover that asks viewers to visit your website.

Online Support via Facebook Messenger +

We offer superior support for all of our resellers. Nobody in this industry helps their resellers like we do. A couple wanna-be copycats out there but both have already disappeared. Just contact us anytime on our Facebook Page - Instant Fashion Business. Use the Facebook Messenger and we'll be there for you!

Remember our support is for reseller questions regarding marketing, advertising, graphic design and tech services.

If you have questions regarding, product availability, payment verification, shipping and any questions regarding products, contact Lynn and the sales staff at