This is typically the membership that most beginners think of.

Because this membership is our basic membership we do not provide a shopping cart, we don’t provide a branded marketing video with logo but WE DO provide Help Desk Support.

We have a tremendous training program if you don’t know how to find customers. Or, are not making the sales you thought you would. We can help.

If you would like an example of our training materials, just ask our help desk.

Only NEW Items!

No sweat stains, no perfume smells or stains, no stretched out items, just simply brand new items ready for you to sell!

No Minimum Order!

No restrictions, no minimums. Yes we are a real direct wholesale supplier with no minimum orders. We don’t care if you order 1 item or 200, it’s ok with us! We make it easy for you to take care of your customers!


Save Even More Time!

We ship directly to your customer in your name?  On vacation and still making sales, maybe you’re simply busy with the kids, It’s OK, we’ve got you covered!

Fast Delivery!

2-4 DAY DELIVERY anywhere in the Philippines! We absolutely, without a doubt know you want it delivered as soon as possible. Our shipping is typically faster than most everyone else. If you’re in the province, You’ll be that much more excited when it does arrive so give us a try!

It's Your Money!

Just like in any real business, you collect the total amount of your retail order from your retail customer. You then pay the total of the wholesale order to us, your wholesale supplier. You keep the profit per item. We ship directly to your customer.

Yes To C.O.D.

We now offer C.O.D. services. Please review our COD Terms and Conditions. We ship directly from our centralized warehouse in Dumaguete City.

Use our LBC COD Courier or if you have one already, they are welcome to pickup products/orders from our warehouse.

Please be sure to confirm with the sales department before you send your courier.

Free Shipping?

As a supplier we offer a minimum quantity of 12pcs per order to qualify for Free Shipping. The customer always shoulders shipping even if they don’t realize it, in the form of minimum quantity or minimum total price.
That’s exactly what the top ecommerce boys do.

Avail Custom Branded Marketing Videos & Are Available For A Small Fee

A marketing video can be your introduction on your facebook page, an attention grabber on Youtube and an invite and call to action for potential customers.
There is a process for everything and the way you use your video is more important than you think. And, that’s exactly why we teach you what needs to be done properly for your video to be it’s most effective.

“Sorry my english is not good. Ur help desk help me with new sales in just 2 days. I’m so happy.”
Margaret M. – Davao City

“Noob here, I read how to use the video and use it all the time now for my introductions, I have lots of inquiries now. “
Princess B. – Manila

“Mam Lynn is the best and she’s so helpful”
Jenny – Cotabato

“Your help desk is wonderful, they help me get my first sale and now I get sales every week. I hope to increase sales next month for sure.
Marie C. – Dumaguete

“I told my customer 2-4 days delivery. She received in 3 days and very happy. Makes me happy also, Thank you Lynns Fashion Store.
Lisa A. – Quezon City


Feel Free To Copy & Paste!


Most material comes in packages of multiple titles.

Top 5 Reasons Why Facebook Sucks with Easy Fixes
Most Attractive Offer
Eye On Links
How To Email
How To Share
Magic Words That Sell
How To Get Free Traffic
2018 FB Changes
SmartPhone Videos
Box Of Cereal
How To Promote During Christmas
Preferred Payment Options
Reseller Video Awareness Library
Shopee Review 2018
Dress Up Facebook Posts
Follow Up Schedule
Free Shipping 1
Free Shipping 2
Plain, Pretty or Crappy Selling Platforms
Personal Product Selling – Techniques
Newbie To Fashionista Digital Book 160 Pages
Group Think Good Or Bad


All too often we see dreams disappear with procrastination, insecurity and simple fear to start. In order to start, you simply have to click the registration button, and copy paste right from our Wholesale Shopping Cart.

This free membership is more appropriate for experienced online sellers that know what they are doing.

If you are looking for a quick, easy and stress free way to start selling online, you should seriously consider our Quick Start Shopping Cart Membership where we do all the maintenance and remove sold out stocks and add new stocks for you. Its the best way to get the sales started and take care of those pesky bills piling up.

Lynns Fashion Store is our main website and has all the information, questions and answers you are like to ask about and receive. This is a mandatory part of your research to make a decision to decide if you wish to be a reseller or not.

Lynns Fashion Store Wholesale Clothes is our official wholesale shopping cart for our resellers to buy from. However, you can buy direct through Lynns Fashion Store on Facebook Below.

The Facebook page of Instant Fashion Business is where you want to ask questions about our Quick Start Shopping Cart and other questions about being a reseller, whether you want to be a Free reseller or a Quick Start Reseller. But we do ask that you visit LynnsFashionStore.com main website and read our Frequently Asked Questions first. TAKE YOUR TIME, DO THINGS CORRECTLY THE FIRST TIME and you will start to experience success a lot faster!

Things You Should Know About

Congratulations on wanting to be in business.
Being in business is not a video game, it’s real life with real life rewards and consequences. Do the right things from the start and you will have a much higher chance of earning the income you want. Taking short cuts, not doing your homework and not following instructions is the fastest path to failure.

Good Luck and God Bless!
PS: Please Give Us A Like On Facebook Below

Simply copy and paste into your Facebook. Feel free to edit to suit your needs… We also recommend that you try to think out of the box when it comes to using banners on your FB pages. It’s the message that you write above the banner in the description area that really counts. Be to-the-point and ALWAYS THINK in terms of the viewer. Remember, a customer does not care about you, your business, shopping cart or FB page. They care about Me, Me, Me! What’s in it for me? Will the item look good on me? How will I feel in it? How will everyone feel and think about me in this dress or top etc.?

This viewer/visitor does not want to hear how great you are, how long you’ve been in business or anything about you. What they really are looking for is what I just explained above and if the price is right and can he/she have a discount. They may even have a request for COD or Free Shipping. Be sure you have the exact same response for everyone. Always be prepared.

Lynns Fashion Store is not responsible or liable for your business actions or inactions. Lynns Fashion Store owners and staff are not responsible for any loss or perceived loss incurred by your business. Remember, this is your business, you are responsible for your business. We are proud to provide valid, valuable and effective material and assistance but we do not guarantee sales.

No one can guarantee sales. The only person that can create a sale for you is the customer. So it’s your job to attract, engage, motivate and convert your contacts into sales.

We reserve the right to change or update any reseller content we provide without prior notice.


DropShipping Questions? Let's Chat!

DropShipping Questions? Let's Chat!

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